Britt Wiedemer

Europe is home to many historical cities, all rich in tradition and culture.  However, one such city has gained more fame in past decades for its wild, unregulated side rather than the city’s history: Amsterdam.  The capital city of the Netherlands is still filled with a unique history, which is the thing Britt Wiedemer remembers most from her childhood in Amsterdam.

“My favorite part has to be the culture and how historical its past and its culture are.  It’s history holds a large part in the overall history of Europe,” Wiedemer said.

Wiedemer moved with her family to Amsterdam in 1992 at the age of two.  The Wiedemer’s made the move from Sarasota, Florida to the Netherlands because of a job offer her father received with IGT Gaming, where he would take the lead for the company’s international division.

Wiedemer stayed with her family in Amsterdam for the next five years, leaving just after she had reached her seventh birthday.  Per another job offer for her father, they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to take in the lights of the Vegas Strip, and the fast-paced American lifestyle.

The Las Vegas Strip (Photo from google images)

“That was one of the biggest differences, the overall feel of the environment is very different from life here, the people living their life in Amsterdam do not live at such a fast pace compared to people here,” Wiedemer said.  “The simplicity of even a day is not taken for granted as much as it is here.”

Despite moving from Amsterdam more than a decade ago, Wiedemer has yet had a chance to visit her old home.  Instead of escaping back to Europe, she ventured south to Tucson, and enrolled at UA.  “Arizona was just a school that allowed me to move away from home and be on my own without having to be to separated from my family,” she said.

Per her arrival, she went through sorority rush her first semester.  “Being very involved in high school I felt I wanted to continue on with finding something that I could further invest my time in, and also be able to help out others through the various philanthropic events we are able to participate in,” Wiedemer said.

She eventually settled with Pi Beta Phi, “because through out Recruitment it was the house that I truly felt most comfortable in and had the strongest connection with the girls that I had met.”  Wiedemer said.

It’s been thirteen years since Wiedemer left the wild, crazy city that is Amsterdam.  However, she remains positive about her experience thus far at Arizona, and has only high hopes for the future.  “Without a doubt, I have been able to gain a group of close friends that I can truly call my sisters and I believe will be very present throughout my life even after graduation.”